Pressure Cleaning Ottawa

Pressure Cleaning Ottawa

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Pressure Washing Company in Ottawa

High pressure cleaning is a high performance technique that involves spraying high pressure jets of water to dislodge accumulated dirt. Depending on your needs, low or high temperature jets will be used for optimal cleaning.

Water at a very high temperature allows deep descaling of impurities, degreasing and deoxidizing metal surfaces. High pressure washing is used on all hard surfaces such as brick, stone, vinyl, aluminum, soffit, paving stone, cement, etc. Ceramic gaskets can also be cleaned by a process that sucks up water during cleaning.

Restore the shine to your home with our high pressure cleaners

Has your property lost its luster over time? Over the years, air pollution, biological pollution, dirt and moisture eventually become embedded in the exterior surfaces of your home. Brick loses its shine, wood dulls, and vinyl siding turns powdery.

High pressure washing offers you multiple solutions to restore your surfaces soiled by rust, oil stains, mold, graffiti, peeling paint or stain, efflorescence (accumulation of mineral salts forming whitish deposits) or other dirt. If you are thinking about renovating your home and want to extend the life of it, high pressure cleaning is of considerable importance, we also use high pressure cleaning which can reach water pressure of 4000 PSI and temperature up to up to 95 degrees celsius for some surfaces.


Very powerful, high-pressure hot water washing also helps restore balconies, entryways, cement, stone or other floors. The wooden surfaces of terraces, garden furniture or sheds can also benefit from optimal cleaning.


High pressure washing, optimal protection for your home
Maintain your skills and prevent the appearance of dirt with our sealant application service. Water repellent sealant is the solution of choice for providing increased protection on paver, stone, stucco, brick, clay tile, cement, acrylic stucco or masonry surfaces. Usually water-repellent and colorless, the sealant penetrates deep into the material to create a water-repellent barrier. Impurities of all kinds or graffiti thus have much more difficulty in adhering to the surface, and become easier to remove. This is a very powerful product that allows you to protect your real estate investment.

Trust a company established for over 5 years for the high pressure washing of your home. Contact us for more information!

Process We Follow For Our Landscaping Project

  • Graffiti Pressure Washing
    Our team of specialists can remove graffiti from different types of surfaces such as brick, concrete, aluminum, vinyl, and more. Above all, the most important thing is to properly assess the resistance level of the surface. A very old brick will obviously be more fragile and friable. The heat and pressure used will then be reduced so as not to chip away at the brick. Summer or winter, our team of experts can wash the graffiti.
  • High pressure washing for brick
    Carbon build-up can dull the surface and general appearance of the brick, especially if the brick has lived through several decades, Black spots may appear under windows, whitish spots (efflorescence), dust or accumulations of mortar following renovations. High pressure washing with hot water is unmatched for cleaning facades and brick walls. Our team of experts apply adequate pressure to prevent erosion of brick joints.
  • Pressure washing of uni-stone, driveway, low wall, sidewalk
    The application of a sealant to the paving stone is essential to prolong its life. The protective sealant applied by our professionals prevents mold and plants from growing in the joints of the paving stone. It also offers increased protection against damage caused by tire marks, oil spills or marks left by snow removal trucks. After applying a degreaser that we leave to act for 10 minutes, we proceed to the washing with a pressure of 3500 psi, at 250 degrees Fahrenheit. The dirty water is simultaneously sucked up and routed to our truck. In the event that the polymeric sand in the joints is worn, it is replaced before the sealant is applied.
  • Stone pressure washing
    Very porous and susceptible to stains, stone surfaces such as limestone, sandstone, granite, marble and concrete tend to darken over time. Techniques specific to each of these minerals can be used to restore them to their original shine. A careful assessment of the surface to be cleaned is of course essential in order to offer a targeted and optimal treatment.

Thanks to our latest generation equipment, we offer you the best of high pressure cleaning:

• Vehicles equipped with large capacity water tanks

• High pressure pumps

• Ducts suitable for cleaning vertical and horizontal surfaces

Our fields of expertise:

• Complete pressure cleaning operating with high or low temperature water

• Washing of facades, roofs, paved paths, roads, earthworks and balconies

• Intervention for institutional, commercial, industrial and residential buildings

• Motorized machinery dismantling

How do we go about pressure cleaning?

We use a pump that expels the liquid. Under the force of the projection, any fragile surface is detached from the wall or the treated floor. By using hot water, we increase the efficiency of the process. This is a very useful technique for cleaning large areas quickly. However, to remove stubborn graffiti or other deterioration, sandblasting is required, a more drastic method that goes beyond washing.

Thanks to our professionals , you will be able to benefit from a pressure washing without risk for your walls and floors. We offer an eco-responsible solution that leaves no residue behind and that adapts to a host of needs!

Contact us today to take advantage of our high pressure cleaning services available in the Ottawa and Gatineau area. Our experts will come to your home in no time.

All types of earthworks

Whether it is the Lawn aeration, weed control, dandelion control, control of white grubs, lawn maintenance, maintenance of trees and shrubs, lawn fertilization, lawn fertilization, treatment against the emerald ash borer, turf treatment, lawn treatment or any other landscaping project, our experts will be able to lend a hand and help you complete your project, while respecting your delivery deadlines and the safety standards. Indeed, for our workers, cleanliness and safety are two fundamental values ​​and they make you feel it throughout the earthworks. No matter the nature of your request and the scope of your project, you can trust our professionals to take care of it and meet your expectations.

Equipment suitable for transporting all materials

Possessing various machines able to transport various quantities and kinds of materials, our team offers fast, competitive and personalized Lawn Care and Landscaping services in Ottawa. Our skilled workforce is able to operate the machines you will need to complete your project. In short, we offer turnkey services.

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