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Do you envy your neighbour’s lawn? Would you like to know how to get the same results? Do you dream of a green, dense and healthy lawn that gives charm to your exterior and to your property? Maintaining your lawn is essential if you want to maintain perfect grass and be able to enjoy your lawn as soon as the sunny days appear. Fertilizing your lawn is one of the essential steps for effective maintenance.

Why Do You Need To Fertilize Your Lawn?
As you know, a lawn needs maintenance in order to keep its original condition and grow properly. Fertilization is one of these stages. It is needed to help your weed grow quickly and healthily. At the end of each winter, your lawn is weakened by snow clearing, cold, hail … Your soil therefore needs nutrients to regain strength and regain its splendor. The fertilizer used during fertilization aims to provide it with these essential nutrients for the season. Also be aware that the denser your grass, the less likely it is to host weeds.

When To Fertilize Your Lawn?
Your lawn needs to be fertilized in the spring or in the fall. Additionally, it is important to fertilize your lawn before it rains, which will allow the fertilizer to penetrate to the roots of the grass. It is also advisable to water your lawn after you have fertilized it as this helps to lower the granules present on the grass which could deteriorate it.

In order to make the right choice of fertilizer and apply it well to optimize its effect, trust our professionals. Our team of specialists will give you the best advice according to your needs and brings your garden back to life. 

We use the best fertilizers on the market, such as controlled-release granular fertilizer. Our granular fertilizers have the ability to release nitrogen in a controlled manner so that the turf is well nourished and green throughout the season. With the right products and their lawn care expertise, our experts will make your lawn greener, denser and healthier with its controlled release granular fertilizer with iron.

Lawn Fertilization Ottawa


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