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Thistle, dandelion, seedling … is your beautiful lawn suddenly invaded by weeds that prevent your grass from growing properly and deteriorate your lawn? Don’t let them settle in! If you want to find a green, dense and healthy lawn, you will have to get rid of it quickly before these weeds multiply.

A weed is an unwanted grass in an unwanted location, such as dandelions, clovers, plantains, ground ivy, and many more.

Weed seeds usually end up on your lawn from the wind or animals. However, there are factors that indicate that some lawns are more susceptible to weed attack. Indeed, if your lawn is poorly irrigated, poor in nutrients, too dry, too much in the shade, etc., it is more likely to attract them.

Weeding usually takes place in the spring, when the weeds are still green and growing. This is when the treatment will be most effective. To prevent weed growth, consider mowing your lawn regularly.

How can i get Bad Weed off?

Be aware that pulling weeds out of your lawn will not eliminate them. Indeed, if you do nothing to treat them, they will not leave your lawn and will even tend to multiply.

To get rid of weeds, it is first necessary to identify them because all have different characteristics and require appropriate treatments.

If you want an effective, fast and long-lasting treatment, call in the experts to get rid of your weeds. Our technicians know and master the best techniques to deal with them. Thus, you can have confidence in their expertise and professionalism which will guarantee you to find a dense and healthy lawn.

For this treatment, our experts use our products which control more than 50 kinds of broadleaf weeds. These products are recognized as the best on the market and are approved and accepted in your city. They guarantee a reduction of over 85% of weeds on your land. We do a minimum of three weed control applications per season.

In addition, if you have any questions you can count on the support of your technician. He will be happy to provide you with information on the different cultural practices to take in order to reduce the amount of weeds that appear on your land.

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