Hedge Trimmer Ottawa

Hedge Trimmer Ottawa

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Our specialists can take care of all your hedge trimming jobs. The annual size of the hedges is essential in a context where it allows to limit their height according to the needs of the property. Moreover, a cedar hedge pruned annually will be more provided and will give you greater privacy.

Hedges, whether made of deciduous or coniferous trees, are very practical. In addition to creating privacy, they absorb city noise and create a micro-climate. It blocks the wind and captures the snow, making it easier to grow less hardy plants. It is essential to prune the hedges in order to control their growth and to densify them and keep them fuller. The hedge is made up of a shrub whose growth activates twice a year, in spring and at the end of summer. We must therefore wait until the end of these 2 periods to prune. The best time to prune hedges is therefore at the end of April-May and August-September.

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Hedge trimmer

Cedar hedge trimming requires a keen eye and a good knowledge of horticulture. Since we are qualified to work at height, it is possible for us to cut the tallest and most difficult hedges. We usually cut the 2 sides as well as the top, by arrangement in advance. It is best to trim the hedge annually and repeatedly.

Why hire a professional?
It is important to do business with a professional team because hedge trimming requires several knowledge and technical skills. It is advisable to trim the hedge in a rounded fashion so that the hedge cannot open under the weight of the snow during the winter season. During a hedge pruning, we prune the shoots of the year, which tends to stimulate regrowth. The more we trim, the denser the hedge will become. During the first pruning of a hedge, we will do a training pruning to delineate the structure of the mature hedge. Subsequently, we will work on the density of the hedge by performing annual pruning repeatedly. Pruning a beautiful cedar hedge is a long-term job.

When is the best time to prune?
The optimal time to prune a cedar hedge is between the beginning of June and the end of September. In general, we should not prune from the month of October because we must give the chance to new regrowths to lignify in order to survive the winter. Depending on the temperature, it is sometimes possible to prune at the beginning of October but this is on a case by case basis.

These are Included in our Hedge Trimming service:

  • Hedge cutting
  • Conifer pruning
  • Ornamental shrub pruning
  • Rejuvenation/felling of hedges
  • Perennial cutting
  • Recycling cedar scraps
  • Winter preparations for hedges and shrubs

All types of earthworks

Whether it is the Lawn aeration, weed control, dandelion control, control of white grubs, lawn maintenance, maintenance of trees and shrubs, lawn fertilization, lawn fertilization, treatment against the emerald ash borer, turf treatment, lawn treatment or any other landscaping project, our experts will be able to lend a hand and help you complete your project, while respecting your delivery deadlines and the safety standards. Indeed, for our workers, cleanliness and safety are two fundamental values ​​and they make you feel it throughout the earthworks. No matter the nature of your request and the scope of your project, you can trust our professionals to take care of it and meet your expectations.

Equipment suitable for transporting all materials

Possessing various machines able to transport various quantities and kinds of materials, our team offers fast, competitive and personalized Lawn Care and Landscaping services in Ottawa. Our skilled workforce is able to operate the machines you will need to complete your project. In short, we offer turnkey services.

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