Grass Cutting Ottawa

Grass Cutting Ottawa

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Lawn Moving company in Ottawa

Our specialists can take care of mowing your lawn. Lawn mowing is the most important maintenance operation and will be done most often during the summer season. Proper mowing promotes deep root development, increases the lawn’s resistance to drought and heat, maintains soil moisture and the green color of the lawn and reduces pest problems (unwanted plants, insects and diseases). This is why it is always better to entrust the maintenance of your land to a professional.

In the fall, maintaining your lawn is as important as it is in the beginning or in the summer. Indeed, now is the time to prepare your lawn for the winter months to come and promote faster recovery and greening the following spring. Lawns are a very hardy ground cover under our winter conditions, but fall fertilization will help them green up faster in the spring, among other things. So the last fertilization of the year is just as important as the previous fertilizations.

Improper cutting of grass can cause yellowing of the lawn from lack of water. It is therefore important that we take care of the passage of the roller as well as all other maintenance steps that are necessary for the good health of your lawn and plants. Cutting the grass is the first step to perfect pitch. Its maintenance therefore generally requires the work of an expert in the field.

The use of weedkillers can sometimes help remove unwanted plants such as clover, dandelion, ragweed, poison ivy and others. Despite their possible use, Students at Work always opt for environmentally friendly solutions.

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For a healthy green lawn

The health of the lawn depends on good practices of regular maintenance. We provide lawn moving services to:

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Schools, Colleges and University
  • Government building
  • Industries

All types of earthworks

Whether it is the Lawn aeration, weed control, dandelion control, control of white grubs, lawn maintenance, maintenance of trees and shrubs, lawn fertilization, lawn fertilization, treatment against the emerald ash borer, turf treatment, lawn treatment or any other landscaping project, our experts will be able to lend a hand and help you complete your project, while respecting your delivery deadlines and the safety standards. Indeed, for our workers, cleanliness and safety are two fundamental values ​​and they make you feel it throughout the earthworks. No matter the nature of your request and the scope of your project, you can trust our professionals to take care of it and meet your expectations.

Equipment suitable for transporting all materials

Possessing various machines able to transport various quantities and kinds of materials, our team offers fast, competitive and personalized Lawn Care and Landscaping services in Ottawa. Our skilled workforce is able to operate the machines you will need to complete your project. In short, we offer turnkey services.

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