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Professional snow is a snow removal company that offers, among other things, lawn care maintenance, grass cutting and peat installation services in Ottawa as well as in the surrounding neighbourhoods. We offer our services to owners of homes, condo or apartment buildings, commercial, industrial or office buildings.

For a green and healthy lawn that is always clean and well cut, call on our experts to maintain your lawn. We will provide all the care and maintenance necessary for your lawn to give it the desired shine and look.

Steps in maintaining a lawn

Maintaining your lawn begins with opening the yard in the spring. To do so, our team will carry out a complete dethatching by passing the rake and picking up the residues left by the winter (grass and dead leaves, stones, branches). We will add black earth if necessary.

Then we will aerate the soil with a core drill, making small 2cm holes to allow the soil to be less compacted and to let oxygen in. It will also allow rainwater (and its nutrients) to penetrate well and hydrate the roots of your grass.

If desired, we will spread some fertilizer to feed the lawn, as well as lime. Then we will water abundantly. After the first mowing, we will irrigate your lawn amply, then we will give you watering tips to keep your lawn green.

We can then come back and cut your grass regularly during the warm season and fall. By having mowing done regularly, you will minimize the appearance and proliferation of weeds. These can be removed by hand by our team, since chemicals are no longer allowed for lawn maintenance.

Need a Lawn care service in Ottawa?

Grass cutting

During the summer season, the lawn grows and quickly expands on your soils. To take care of your peat, for better growth and greening, you must regularly cut your lawn. In just one week, your peat can considerably fill your yard! Regular weekly cutting of your grass is, therefore, necessary for optimal results with us.

Sod Installation

Do you want to get a beautiful green lawn? Grass grows quickly and loses its lustre when poorly maintained. If you want to have a healthy lawn throughout the season, it will be necessary to carry out a professional and qualitative grass  laying. We works on your land to install cultivated grass that will bring shine, greenery and beauty to your outdoor space.

Lawn Top Dressing

To make your lawn more resistant to temperatures, to improve water circulation or to better root your lawn, topdressing is necessary. We applies topdressing to ensure the quality and durability of your lawn.

Weed cutting

If you do not carry out regular landscaping maintenance in Ottawa on your land, the presence of weeds will quickly appear, especially during the summer season. You need to effectively control weeds so as not to prevent your lawn from growing properly. We intervenes to remove any unwanted plant that could harm the beauty of your peat.

Maintenance of trees and shrubs

Over the months and years, your trees and shrubs grow larger and the branches can be unsightly or even disturbing. The cutting of branches must be carried out by professionals in landscape maintenance in Ottawa and its surroundings in order to carry out safety actions, but also to use adequate equipment adapted to your trees.

Hedge Trimmer Ottawa

Hedge trimmer

Hedges add greenery to your outdoor yard, but their branches grow quickly. To find the original structure of your hedge, but also its beautiful appearance, you must call on the landscaping services professionals to trim your hedges.

Fall Clean Up

When fall arrives, the leaves from your trees drop quickly and invade your lawn. To keep the land in good condition and not to damage your lawn, we come to your home every week to pick up your tree leaves everywhere in Ottawa.

Do you have a lot of dead leaves on your property? You can use them to put on your flower beds and thus insulate and protect your plants. You can also use your leaves to create your compost. However, don’t leave dead leaves on your lawn, the grass may die off and you will get yellow spots.

Spring Cleaning Ottawa

All types of earthworks

Whether it is the Lawn aeration, weed control, dandelion control, control of white grubs, lawn maintenance, maintenance of trees and shrubs, lawn fertilization, lawn fertilization, treatment against the emerald ash borer, turf treatment, lawn treatment or any other landscaping project, our experts will be able to lend a hand and help you complete your project, while respecting your delivery deadlines and the safety standards.

Indeed, for our workers, cleanliness and safety are two fundamental values ​​and they make you feel it throughout the earthworks. No matter the nature of your request and the scope of your project, you can trust our professionals to take care of it and meet your expectations.

Equipment suitable for transporting all materials

Possessing various machines able to transport various quantities and kinds of materials, our team offers fast, competitive and personalized Lawn Care and Landscaping services in Ottawa. Our skilled workforce is able to operate the machines you will need to complete your project. In short, we offer turnkey services.

Need a Lawn care service in Ottawa?