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Terrace Landscaping Ottawa

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There are many ways to design an outdoor patio. Many ideas are offered and can be implemented according to everyone’s budget. It is therefore essential to properly plan the development project. Whether for the siding, for the furnishings or for any other ideas to decorate the exterior of the house, it is important to take the time to make sensible choices.

Whether it is to modify the furniture, to change the floor covering or to build a new terrace, it is essential, first and foremost, to provide for good planning so that the final result meets your expectations.

The outdoor terrace is an extension of the house and must be designed according to the needs of the inhabitants of the whole household. Regardless of the shape chosen, the terrace often represents an oasis of peace where the occupants go to rest and where the whole family gets together to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

In order to know all the possible options, it is important to take the time to plan your work well. With the help of a landscaping professional, it’s easier not to forget anything. By consulting the list of landscapers in your region, you will find an expert who will be able to assist you

Deck materials

Today there are many products to cover outdoor terraces. You are spoiled for choice! Depending on the desired style and depending on the use of the terrace, several materials are available to you.

  • Concrete
    Adapting to all styles, concrete is available in several finishes: stamped, brushed or tinted. For a warmer look, you can choose to combine wood and concrete. You can also achieve a modern or industrial look by choosing a finish for your floor.
  • Treated wood
    There is, of course, the well-known treated lumber which remains a very popular and economical choice for everyone. Having a warm appearance, the treated wood deck can be bleached, stained or painted. The wood can be installed or painted in the traditional way or in a creative way if that is what you want.
  • Ceramics
    This patio covering gives an impression of extending the rooms of your property. In order to prevent damage from exterior frost, it is best to opt for porcelain tiles and exterior finishing materials. As with concrete, the wood goes well with ceramic. However, great care must be taken with the slippery side of the ceramic when it is wet.
  • The composite
    Easy to install, offering the beauty of wood without the disadvantages of the latter, the composite is however quite expensive. Requiring little maintenance, being smooth to the touch and non-slip, it is a very interesting product. There are more and more colours available to make it easier to match your patio with your property, but it is still the most expensive material of all.
  • The pavement
    Paver slab cladding provides a luxurious look to your patio. In addition to offering excellent durability and requiring little maintenance, the paver is resistant to most weather conditions. Usually, more uniform tiles work with the modern style, while tiles of different shapes work with more classic styles.
  • Natural stone
    As all that is natural is increasingly sought after and popular, natural stones offer great value to today’s homes. They go well with all styles of homes and are popular for their rustic appearance.
  • Green carpet terrace
    It is also possible to opt for what is more natural: the terraces with the green carpet. This increasingly popular covering makes it possible to arrange the terrace directly on the ground. White clover, for example, is a great choice for a durable and aesthetic green carpet.

Whatever your choice of earthwork coating, it is crucial not to skimp on the quality of the materials chosen or on the installation in order to guarantee its durability. Dare to mix materials for a pleasant look and a warm terrace all summer long.

Arrangement of the terrace
Before embarking on the construction of your patio, you should take a moment to analyze your current needs, but also future ones. This way you can be sure you won’t have to start all over again in a few years.

Once the material for the deck has been chosen and the plans are made, it now remains to determine whether a ramp is mandatory or not. Depending on the configuration of the terrace and its height, there are rules that must be observed in order to comply with the law regarding ramps. In Quebec, it is established as follows:

24 inches and less from the ground No ramp required
Between 25 and 71 inches from the ground Ramp with a minimum height of 36 inches
72 inches and more from the ground Ramp with a minimum height of 42 inches
If the ramp does not ring a bell, it is possible to install flower boxes to replace it, but they must still meet the required heights. The law remains the law.

Recycled Decorations
When the material and the ramp are chosen, you can decorate your patio. The possibilities are now endless and it is then possible to give free rein to everyone’s imagination. Here are some ideas for giving a second life to certain objects:

  • Create a pretty pendant light using a birdcage, for example
  • Create a nice center table by collecting old tires and covering them with sisal rope
  • Use logs as a side table
  • Paint concrete blocks to turn them into a flowerpot and arrange the plants on the terrace
  • Create a daybed with an old pallet and cover it with a mattress for the afternoon nap
  • Create a pretty table using a rattan basket and place a glass on top
  • All ideas are good for the arrangement and decoration of a terrace. Your creations make it unique and to your taste. Some will go for new things while others will go for recovery. Regardless of the choice of materials, style or objects, the important thing is to opt for a terrace that goes well with your home, your tastes and your budget.

Whether you are buying new products to decorate your patio or whether you choose to give your objects a second life, it is possible to decorate your backyard to make your patio a place where you can meet with family and spend a great time. ‘pleasant moments throughout the summer.

The important thing in patio planning is to budget well in order to choose the materials, size and the right installation.

For a terrace that meets your expectations, it is best to consult an expert, a landscaping specialist who will be able to bring your projects to life.

Process We Follow For Our Landscaping Project

Are you curious to learn more about how a landscaping project works? Every project is unique, but here are the essential steps for a successful project.

  • Taking the needs: This meeting aims to understand and popularize the main lines of your project. It will allow us to assess the time to be allocated to planning the project and to provide you with a budget overview of the implementation costs. 
  • Project design: The landscaping plan serves as a funnel for decision-making in order to offer you the best solution for your living space. It will be entirely personalized to your needs and will allow you to take full advantage of your layout. The plan will then be approved by your municipality and work can begin. 
  • Preparing infrastructure This is where the real work begins! These are complex and large-scale works, but they are essential to ensure the sustainability of the work: demolition, siting, excavation, drainage, pool digging, foundation compaction, levelling, piling, levelling, structures of wood etc.
  • Finishing work: Once the infrastructure work has been carried out, the finishing work will coordinate perfectly and we will begin to guess the final look of the project: laying of paving stones, finishing of carpentry works, planting of plants, irrigation, fencing, installation exterior lights, placement of furniture, etc.
  • Enjoy your new backyard: A general tour of the work will be made with  in order to present the project to you and ensure your complete satisfaction. All you have to do is discover the art of living outdoors!

Other Landscaping Design Services

Front House Landscaping

A first impression takes hold in just a few seconds. The first welcome is one that we never forget. That is why it is important to welcome your visitors with harmonious landscaping and a neat house facade. The landscaping of the front of the property is intended to be in perfect harmony, inviting, aesthetic and very welcoming.

Parking Entrance Landscaping

Choosing the right materials for the driveway seems trivial, but it can be difficult if we have to respect a certain budget and if we want our driveway to withstand the Canadian weather. As the use of the driveway is daily and the investment is still important, you must take the time to choose well. Gravel, concrete, asphalt or the new green idea, grass to cover the driveway?

Exterior Kitchen Landscaping

Whether indoor or outdoor, a kitchen must have certain elements in order to be both functional and inviting. However, a little exotic touch sets in when we talk about outdoor cooking. We directly associate the outdoor kitchen with the summer, the heat, the friends, the swimming pool, the evenings around the fire … Even if a kitchen remains a kitchen, the outdoor one requires that little extra touch favoring beautiful summer encounters.

Outdoor Kitchen Landscaping Ottawa
Swimming Pool Landscaping

Swimming Pool Landscaping

In a heatwave, being able to cool off in an equally invigorating landscape is to have a true paradise on earth! This essential living space, conducive to good times with the family, cannot be arranged just any way. It absolutely has to create a nice atmosphere. To achieve this, the choice of materials, plants, plants, furniture and all accessories is important and must be considered in order to add a little special touch that will provide a warm atmosphere.

All types of earthworks

Whether it is the Lawn aeration, weed control, dandelion control, control of white grubs, lawn maintenance, maintenance of trees and shrubs, lawn fertilization, lawn fertilization, treatment against the emerald ash borer, turf treatment, lawn treatment or any other landscaping project, our experts will be able to lend a hand and help you complete your project, while respecting your delivery deadlines and the safety standards. Indeed, for our workers, cleanliness and safety are two fundamental values ​​and they make you feel it throughout the earthworks. No matter the nature of your request and the scope of your project, you can trust our professionals to take care of it and meet your expectations.

Equipment suitable for transporting all materials

Possessing various machines able to transport various quantities and kinds of materials, our team offers fast, competitive and personalized Lawn Care and Landscaping services in Ottawa. Our skilled workforce is able to operate the machines you will need to complete your project. In short, we offer turnkey services.

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